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Bissell 9 / 10 / 12 HEPA filter with Foam Filter 32064 by ZVac


  • $ 1049

ZVac has you covered with their Bissell filters for styles 9, 10, and 12 .The Bissell Style 9/10/12 HEPA filter with foam is going to have you singing while you vacuum. A HEPA ( High Efficiency Particle Air) filter is worthy of use in hospitals, day care centers, and nursing homes, too.

This means when you use the Bissell premium grade foam filter while vacuuming your floors and floor coverings, at least 99.97% of dirt and dirty air particles will be removed by this foam featured filter. Bissell has been providing products that clean our floors since 1876. They are a premium vacuum cleaner supply company. This particular filter has extra foam to make sure that the dirt and allergens are picked up by the device. The filters are finely constructed of one piece to prevent tears and early wear. No constant replacing of your filters means saved money in a tough economy. The Bissell filters are affordable and so long-lasting they will save you money.

The filters are able to snuggly fit the Bissell Cleanview Series # 9, 10, and 12. The foam actually works in tandem with another filter which wraps around the Bissell pleated filter. Using the Bissell twosome will ensure that all dust, pet hair, and dirt on the floors and upholstery can be picked up with one quick sweep and the job will not leave your home dusty with everyone including Fido coughing and sneezing. Replace your filters every three to six months so the system does not get clogged and overheat. Regular replacement will maximize the end results of your vacuum session.

Remember the beauty of a HEPA grade filter is that 99.97% of the dust and dirt will be grabbed by the filter. So while you are singing and vacuuming, your house is becoming HEPA clean. Order your Bissell 9/10/12 HEPA filer with foam from ZVac today.

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