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Panasonic U U3 U6 HEPA Style Cloth Panasonic U, U-3 and U-6 Style Allergen Vacuum Cleaner Bags; Fits Panasonic models MC, MCV 6200, 6300,6600, 6800, 6900, 7300; Similar to Panasonic Part # MC-V145M, MC-115P; By Zvac


  • $ 999

Style U-3 & U-6 Fits most all Panasonic upright vacuums with top-fill bags including all current production models series MCV5000 & MCV7000 Not for older models that require U-1 bags Micro-Lined Bags capture microscopic particles and germs and bacteria as small as 0.1 microns Panasonic models that use U bags: MC-V5017, MC-V5217,MC-V5237, MC-V5247, MC-V5257, MC-5502, MC-6602, MC-V5715, MC-V5720, MC-V7347, MC-V7357, MC-V7367, MC-V7377, MC-V7387, MC-V7395, MC-V7399, MC-V7407

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