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Generic Eureka RR Smart Vac 4870 1 Year Supply Kit by ZVac - ZVac

Generic Eureka RR Smart Vac 4870 1 Year Supply Kit by ZVac


  • $ 2449

Imagine not having to buy any vacuum bags, vacuum cleaner belts, or filters for an entire year. ZVac can make your dreams come true! With the Generic Eureka RR Smart Vac 4870 One Year Supply kit, your vacuum dreams can come true. In the generic Eureka RR Smart Vac 4870 One Year Supply Kit you will find a year long supply comparable to parts # 61115A, 61115A, and lastly part number 61115B. The two filters in the kit are a mirror for part # 70082. You will also be given a extended life belt which matches part number 61110A. You will also receive two vacuum cleaner bags in the year long kit. With normal vacuum cleaner use it is recommended that you change your Eureka filter and your Eureka RR Smart Vac bags both every six months. Changing the filter and the bags every six months will give you maximum performance for your fine Eureka RR Smart vacuum cleaner. Not having a regular schedule for changing the filter and the bag will create unnecessary wear and tear on your Eureka vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner could end up with an overheated motor and that over heated motor could cause the whole vacuum system to shut down and stop working. It is also recommended that you change the belt once a year. the belt makes the motor run smoothly therefore pushing the vacuum cleaner with ease and with efficiency as your clean your home or your office. You get the two filters, the two bags, a and the one belt all for less than fifty dollars at ZVac. ZVac carries all your vacuum cleaner needs. We have trained personnel to answer your questions, an extensive stock of inventory, the best prices to be found, a user friendly online catalog, and very affordable prices. On e you shop at ZVac, you will be ZVac lifetime customer.

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