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Miele FJM Vacuum Kit by ZVac

Miele FJM Vacuum Kit by ZVac


  • $ 1847

If you need a filter, kit, belt, or vacuum cleaner bag, ZVac has it for you! ZVac does it again. ZVac offers to you 5 boxes of 4 bags(20 total) Miele FJM Vacuum Bags part# 05588920, 5 Miele Pre-Motor Filters (1 per box of bags), and also 5 Miele Super Air-Clean filters( part #03944710).

This affordable and totally smart vacuum kit for Miele FJM by ZVac fits the 1 Miele Miele Galaxy S4000 Series AH-50 Active HEPA Filter part #05996882.

For the maximum performance from any vacuum cleaner, it is ever so important that you change you filter, change your bag, and change you belt on a regular basis.

We proudly give to you a United States based company, a production method using all a natural and green products, low affordable prices, a vast inventory selection, a user friendly site and order form, and extremely efficient and kind customer care. Shop with ZVac today and you will become a lifelong customer. What are you waiting for, do it now!

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