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Eureka Style RR Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bags Fits All Bagged Smart Vac Upright, similar to Eureka #61115, 61115A, 61115B & Fits All Bagged Smart Vac Uprights In The 4800 Series By ZVac Only From GoVacuum


  • $ 995

Eureka RR Bags by ZVac Replaces OEM Part Numbers 61115, 61115-12, 61115A, 61115B These High Quality ZVac Generic Eureka RR Vacuum Bags Are Great for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers and these Eureka RR Bags Filter 99.7% Efficient Down to 5.0 Microns & Our ZVac RR Bags Can Capture Particles as Small as 0.1 Micron! These 6 High Quality ZVac Generic Bags Are The Best Eureka RR Bags You Can Buy For Your Eureka SmartVac Vacuum Cleaner. Our ZVac RR Bags Fits all SmartVac 4800 uprights Models including Eureka 4870AT Upright Vacuum, Eureka 4870BT Upright Vacuum, Eureka 4870DT Upright Vacuum, Eureka 4870F Upright Vacuum, Eureka 4870G Upright Vacuum, Eureka 4872AT Upright Vacuum, Eureka 4872BT Upright Vacuum, Eureka 4874AT Upright Vacuum, Eureka 4874B Upright Vacuum, Eureka 4875A Upright Vacuum & all other Eureka SmartVac Upright Vacuums using Style Type RR Bags. Designed an developed in the heartland of America- Chantilly, Virginia by GoVacuum and are guaranteed to fit your Eureka Vacuum Using Type Style RR Bags. We also sell these Zvac Eureka RR bags on Amazon in a 3, 10, & 25 package!

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