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Electrolux U Upright Vacuum Bags by ZVac - Allergy Paper Filtered Vacuum Cleaner Bags fits Electrolux Vacs. These are Top Quality Premium Generic Vacuum Bags Made by ZVac & Replaces Type U OEM GermGrabber TM Genuine Bags by Electrolux


  • $ 499

These Electrolux U upright multi-ply bag are microlined bags which have an inner liner of electrostatically charged filter material which captures airborne allergens. Also included on these upright Electrolux U bags are a rubber gasket, or seal around the hole in the top of the vacuum bag which helps seal the bag to the vacuum cleaner. Fits all Electrolux Discovery Series upright models including; Discovery I, Discovery II, Discovery III, ProLux models, as well as Electrolux Epic uprights.

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