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iRobot Roomba 700 Series HEPA Replenishment Kit By ZVac

iRobot Roomba 700 Series HEPA Replenishment Kit By ZVac


  • $ 4999

This iRobot Roomba 700 Series Replenishment Kit provides everything you need to perform routine vacuum maintenance and keep your Roomba in prime condition. HEPA style filters provide maximum cleaning efficiency by removing dust and dirt particles. Replace filters every 2-3 months to keep airborne irritants from recirculating in your home or office. The replacement brushes help you Series 700 Roomba function like the day you brought it home. A handy brush cleaning tool extends the life of your brushes and keeps your machine working at peak performance. Best of all, everything your Roomba needs comes in one convenient kit! All parts of the Replenishment Kit meet OEM standards. Parts are all high quality and made in the USA. They are the best value for your dollar. Product includes 3 sets of dual HEPA style filters, 1 bristle brush, 2 side brushes, and 1 brush cleaning tool. Measures 10 x 3 x 9.3 inches and ships at 9.6 ounces.

  • 3 Sets of Dual Filters
  • 1 Bristle Brush
  • 2 Side Brushes
  • 1 Brush Cleaning tool
  • Designed, Developed & Engineered by ZVac in America!