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LG LUV200R Agitator Vacuum Cleaner Brush Roller & Belt Fits LG Models LUV200R, LUV300B, LUV400T; Compare to LG Vacuum Cleaner Roller Brush Part # AHR72909601, AHR72909602 & LG Micro-V 5EPH271 Belt Part # MAS61843401, MAS61842501


  • $ 4995

Worn out brushes and belt can prevent your LG upright vacuum cleaner from doing its job properly. Belts work to keep vacuums running smoothly, while brushes pick up dirt and other debris from carpet and flooring. If these parts become damaged or decayed, the entire vacuum can stop working. This replacement kit from ZVac includes one each of roller brush and belt compatible with LG Upright vacuum cleaners (models LUV200R, LUV300B, LUV400T). Both belt and brush provide a high quality, great value replacement while meeting OEM standards. Compare to LG brush part AHR72909601, AHR72909602 and LG Micro-V 5EPH271, and belt part MAS61843401 and MAS61842501.

  • Includes 1 roller brush and 1 vacuum belt.
  • Compatible with LG Upright Vacuum models LUV200R, LUV300B, LUV400T.
  • Comparable to Brush Part AHR72909601, AHR72909602 and LG Micro-V 5EPH271.
  • Comparable to Belt Part MAS61843401 and MAS61842501.
  • Designed, Developed & Engineered by ZVac in America!