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Miele ZVac FJM Canister Bag (50pk)

Miele ZVac FJM Canister Bag (50pk)


  • $ 4999

Tired of frequently purchasing replacement vacuum bags for your Miele S4, S6, or older S200i, S300i, or S500i canister model? Buying Meile FJM replacement bags in bulk can help you avoid having to reorder often, but if you're like many of us, you hate to pay the high prices for buying multiple name brand sweeper bags at once.

  • Style FJM Miele bags by ZVac
  • Bulk Buy Deal of 50 Canister Bags
  • For Miele s300i, s200i, s500i, s4, and s6 Models
  • Premium 99% Allergen Filtration
  • Designed with Self Sealing Technology

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