ZVac Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Tool Kit for Kirby Sentria, Ultimate G Series, & Avalir

ZVac Replacement Kirby Vaccum Cleaner Compatible Attacment Kit & Accessories

ZVac Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Tool Kit for Kirby Sentria, Ultimate G Series, & Avalir

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Suitable Models:

G Series
Sentria Series

Additional Suitable Models:

Kirby G3, Kirby G4, Kirby G5, Kirby Gsix, Kirby Ultimate G, Kirby Ultimate Diamond, Kirby Sentria, Kirby Sentria II, Kirby Avalir, Kirby Avalir II.


Use ZVac brand Kirby attachment parts to get the very best use from your Kirby system. Our Kirby vacuum cleaner accessories will help you get the best results from your Kirby vacuum. Fully compatible with ALL Kirby Models our Kirby accessories that guarantee optimal performance for your Kirby.

From Kirby attachment kit simplify connects to your Kirby Home Care System enabling you to do a lot more than vacuum than ever before. Our Kirby attachment set is powerful and the included Kirby attachments helps make your Kirby vacuum a whole home cleaning system. The included generic Kirby parts and accessories adapt to every low pile and flat surface for the best possible results.

There is a Kirby attachments tool for every use and purpose they claimed when you purchased your New Kirby vacuum cleaner, but you can't clean stair well or area rugs/carpets with the standard Kirby parts and accessories. This ZVac kit changes that! No longer will the Kirby vacuum roller brush tear up your rugs. Just attach the included turbo nozzle and you'll be gently vacuuming your rugs.

The Zvac hand Kirby attachment brush works great on stairs, furniture and excellent for home with pets (its much like the Kirby Zipp brush ). Also included is the Kirby Attachment area rug nozzle and a universal bookshelf dusting brush that's great for flat surfaces. Includes 1) Turbo nozzle brush, 1) Hand turbo nozzle brush & 1) Universal dusting bookshelf brush.

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