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Dirt Devil F16 HEPA Filter & FOAM Filter 2JW1000000 by ZVac


  • $ 1249

ZVac is standing ready and waiting to help you find all o you vacuum cleaner filters, bags, and belts! We want to help you! ZVac has your Dirt Devil F16 HEPA Foam & Filter. The Dirt Devil piece replaces Part F16 # 1-JW1100-000, 2-JW1000-000, 1JW1100000, and the 2JW1000000. This foam and filter combo is encased in a sturdy black plastic home. The Dirt Devil F16 HEPA filter and foam is compatible with Dirt Devil Vision vacuum cleaners, EnVision Wide Glide vacuum cleaners, and any other Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner models which normally use the F16 filter. HEPA standards meet the highest industry levels for air cleanliness and the foam acts as a second trapping mode for the dirt and dust in the carpet and air. This premium filter and foam is available at ZVac. The Dirt Devil F16 HEPA filter & foam fits the F16 with a snap. It takes about five seconds to change out the filter. You can change the filter, quickly vacuum with maximum power, and then sit back and watch the game .For optimum vacuum cleaner performance make sure you change your foam and filter combo every three to six months depending on how often you use it. Your carpet and floor coverings will look as if they are brand new. HEPA filters are capable of removing almost 100% of air impurities. These pollutants often kick up when you are vacuuming. Not with this filter. This filter literally grabs those annoying particles. The filter is constructed of tough and long lasting materials. You will love these Dirt Devil F16 HEPA filter & foam filter. The combination will keep the carpets, rugs, and floor mats looking like they were just purchased. Give ZVac a try, you will become a customer for life. Go ahead and order your affordable and efficient Dirt Devil F16 HEPA filter and foam from ZVac today.

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