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Dirt Devil F5 Washable Vacuum Filters 3-DEA950-001 by ZVac


  • $ 1049

Washable vacuum filters are all the rage. And if the vacuum market has a new and cutting edge product, you can be sure that ZVac will carry that product. ZVac has hundreds and hundreds of vacuum accessories and parts from allow f the best vacuum brands.. The concept of a washable filter does make sense, as it gives the product more longevity. Using a product longer, such as a washable filter, will save you a lot of money. The Dirt Devil F 5 Washable vacuum filter is constructed of a sturdy cardboard and secret product ply. It replaces Dirt Devil part # 3-DEA950-001. The Dirt Devil F5 can fit the Dirt Devil Scorpion Hand Vacuum Models- 082000, 8201, 08201, 08215X, HDH500, M08200, M08201X, M08210, M08215X, M08220X, M08225X, M08226X, M0871, M0871X, and the SD20005Red. The Dirt Devil F5 Washable vacuum filter holds up to the scraping dirt out or washing. The small cups are made of a big product! It has tabs for grasping the filter when removing or inserting. Order your new Dirt Devil F5 washable filter at ZVac. We know you will be pleased with our sped, prices, and quality products. To replace, grab the old filter by the small hold handle and pull it out with a quick tug. A small child good remove it. Then simply slide in your new Dirt Devil FS washable vacuum filter. This product comes in a three pack, but if you replace the filter every three to six months as recommended this item will last you over a year. The tight seal ensures that no dust is flying around while or after you vacuum your small rugs, accidental spiels, crumbs, car mats, and upholstery.. You will be pleased with the ZVac F% Dirt Devil filter. Contact us today at ZVac to order your affordable replacement.

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