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Dirt Devil F9 HEPA Filter 3-DJ0360-000 UPC 608939746794 by ZVac


  • $ 1049

ZVac is in the business of making customers happy. We want to help you find the vacuum clear bags, filers, and kits that you need! The F9 Dirt Devil HEPA filter is great for a home or where there are lots of pets such as cats and dogs as well as, people with allergies and sensitiveness to those pets and to pet hair. It just makes sense to make sure the air quality in your home is perfect. The Dirt Devil Type F9 HEPA filter fits the Dirt Devil Classic Purpose for Pets hand Vacuum models. When vacuuming and prior to vacuuming up he pet hair, particles and hair can float around and irritate you and your pets. The amazing and innovative Dirt Devil F9 HEPA filter seal combined with the ply pleated filter trap will keep all of those nasty things out of the air and away from you and your nose. all the pets and the owners will be very happy with the Dirt Devil F9 filter offered by ZVac. When you order your Dirt Devil HEPA for style F9, it will find it arrives quickly and that the rice is quite low. Remove the old filter from the canister(grab the top part of the black plastic-it is scalloped) and popping the new Dirt Devil Type F9 filter for Dirt Devil Classic and Purpose for Pets hand Vacuums while holding the outer sturdy plastic frame. Then begin to glide your vacuum cleaner across the areas where Fido and Kitty cat hang out on the floor. Your carpets , pet pets, area rugs, mats, and upholstery will look almost brand new once you replace your Dirt Devil F9 HEPA filter. Why wait, order from ZVac today. Then make home vacuuming for pet owners a snap for a low price! You will love the customer service and wide selection offered at the ZVac site.

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