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Dirt Devil F12 HEPA Filter 3-KD1680-000 UPC 608939746824 by ZVac


  • $ 1049

ZVac is honored to carry a full line of quality and affordable Dirt Devil friendly vacuum cleaner accessories and filters including the Dirt Devil F12 HEPA filter. It is designed to fit the comprehensive line of Dirt Devil Vision Canister cleaners(numbers 082550, 082555, 082570, 082580, 082600, 082660, 082700, and 0822750). It replaces part number 3KD1680000. This replacement filter for the Dirt Devil F12 will make your life easier. Who has time to spend hours vacuuming only to be dissatisfied with the end results? The replacement filter for the Dirt Devil F12 catches the dirt, hair, and air debris that may make the baby cough or be congested. In five seconds, you can replace your old filter with the new Dirt Devil F12 new filter purchased at ZVac. The premium HEPA rating ensures that 99.97% of annoying dirt and air pollutants in your home or business will be trapped in the filter. Replacing your filter on a regular basis will give the vacuum cleaner power for sucking up the carpet and floor dirt. Not changing your filter will give you less than desirable results and it may cause your vacuum motor to overheat and not function properly. Your carpets, mats, rugs, and flooring will shine with cleanliness after you replace the F12 filter. No more vacuuming for hours to get the end result you want. Take all this extra time and head to the beach or pool and enjoy yourself and your family! ZVac carries the Dirt Devil F12 and all it takes is one click for you to purchase it. The quality of product, affordability, and speed of delivery will make your a permanent and lifelong satisfied ZVac customer. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and order your Dirt Devil F12 HEPA filter today.

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