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Bissell Style 8/14 Lift-Off HEPA Filters 3091 by ZVac


  • $ 1049

ZVac is proud and pleased to offer to you the Bissell Style 8/14 Lift-Off HEPA filters 3091. Look to ZVac for all of your vacuum cleaner product needs. The Bissell style 8/14 Lift-Off HEPA filter fits Bissell Lift-Off Bagless Upright Vacuums 3750, 3760,4220,6595,6801,6850, and 6860. HEPA filters take the worry out of home cleaning when a member of the family is allergenic or sensitive to air borne pollutants like pet hair, pollens, and dust.

ZVac is pleased to offer the Bissell Style 8/14 Lift-Off HEPA filets with speedy delivery and at a low, low price. The filter is HEPA certified which means it will remove 99.97 percent of air pollutants. The easy to install Bissell Style 8/14 Life-Off HEPA filters will not only pick up the dirt on your floors, but it guarantees to also grab the post-motor air before it dissipates back into the home.

The Bissell Style 8/14 Lift-Off HEPA Filters offered by ZVac replace original part number 3091, 203-6608, 2036608, 470856, and FX-HVF090.

Its innovative pleated design and thick materials will lessen household allergens for the carpet and the house. The filter is a snug fit and will not pop or loosen during extended use. These filters are not designed to be washed and reused. Always have an extra one or two on hand. The ZVac offered Bissell Style 8/14 will make your vacuum cleaner run like it is brand new. There will be no more clogged filters, over heating motors or inefficient floor covering episodes. The snug fit of the Bissell Style 8/14 Lift-off HEPA filters will make your cleaner run like brand new and it will also make your carpets, rugs, and mats appear brand new. Stop right now, and go to the ZVac site. Order your Bissell Style 8/14 Lift-Off HEPA filters and they will be delivered and on your door step before you know it. The price is quite affordable and you will be pleased.

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