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Dirt Devil F8 HEPA Filter 3UD0280001 UPC 060893974667 by ZVac


  • $ 1249

We at ZVac want to help you find all of your vacuum cleaner parts including filter and vacuum cleaner bags! A HEPA Dirt Devil for style F8 can solve all of your filter problems. And ZVac has the filters on hand ready to ship to you at a moment's notice. The fine accordion segmented circular style construction combined with HEPA standards and a secret construction component, makes these F8 filters strong and long lasting. It fits Self Propelled Vision, Ultra Vision Turbo, Power Streak, Cruiser, Outlast, Self-Propelled Platinum Force Uprights and many others. Order your new F8 filter to improve the suction and keep the suction at the HEPA level. Filters will wear down with time, and you do need to replace them on a regular a basis. The recommended replacement is every six to nine months. Not replacing your Dirt Devil F8 HEPA filter will cause a weakened structure of the pleats, and they will fold a bit. The folds will seep and be ineffective after a while. Once you get your filters you will find them easy to replace. Just a small tug of the old filter(insert your fingers into the plastic round covered inner circle) and a quick snap of the new Dirt Devil F8 HEPA filter by ZVac. HEPA filters are a must for a home or business where there are people with allergies and sensitivities. Before and after vacuuming, the Dirt Devil F8 will clear the room and building air of these dangerous pollutants. Also there is no leakage due to the superior seal of the Dirt Devil F8 HEPA filter. Order your pack today from ZVac.

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