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Hoover Windtunnel Washable HEPA Filter 43611042 UPC 608939746619 by ZVac


  • $ 1149

ZVac is ready to help you find the vacuum cleaner filters you need. These ZVac brand Hoover HEPA filters are washable and can be used for up to six months each. At six months, to make sure the vacuum cleaner is running at 100% efficiency, replace the Hoover Windtunnel Washable HEPA filter. The ZVac HEPA filters design is an Earth friendly product can be washed time and time again. This means less need to be purchased and the filters won't go in to the landfill as often. so, you get a cleaner floor, a cheaper product, save money, and at the same time are helping to keep the earth green. This listing is Hoover 40140201 & 43611042 Generic ZVac Filter Fits: U5260900, U5260950, U5262900, U5262910, U5263900, U5265900, U5265955, U5266950, U5268900, U5268950, U5268970, U5269900, U5269955, U52719RM, U52729RM, U57009RM, U5720950, U5720960, U5725900, U5725960, U5750906, U5752900, U5753900, U5753950, U5753960, U5753980, U5760900, U5760910, U5768900, U5786900, U66009RM, U6607900, U6616900, U6617960, U6618900, U6630900, U6632900, U6634900, U6637900, U6637960, U8120900, U8140900, U8147900, U8153900, U8155900, U8161900, U8171900, U8172900, U8173900, U8173950, U8174900, U8174950, U8181900, U8181950, U8183900, U8185900, U8187900, U8187950, U8188900, UH40020, UH40065, UH40110, UH40115CA, UH40125 & UH60000. This Hoover filter is also known as the following part numbers - 43611042, 43611-042, 42611049, 42611-049, 40140201, 40140-201, 38230607, 38-2306-07. This also fits the these Hoover machines including the Empower, Savvy, WindTunnel, WindTunnel Self Propelled Bagless, as well as other models. The Hoover WindTunnel Washable HEPA filter can be purchased from ZVac. Our made in the USA products are affordable and will be shipped to you quickly.

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