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Black & Decker Washable VF20 Filter 49973900 by ZVac


  • $ 1049

ZVac can replace your original part # VF20, VF-20, 499739-00, and 49973900. The Black & Decker Washable VF 20 filter can be used with all Double Action V series Dustbuster, dust Buster models VP7240, VP7210, V9610, V9620, V7220, Av1200, CFV1200, CWV9630, CFV9600, SPV1800, SPV-1800 18-Volt Platinum Series, Firestorm FS18HV, FS-18HV, and FS18. Black and Decker has been making fine products since 1843. Their tools, household products, appliances, and vacuum cleaners and parts are simply the best to be found. ZVac is glad to carry Black and Decker style products. The Black & Decker Washable VF20 filter is affordable and easy to remove and clean. Just pop it out and either wash it or just brush off the dirt. If you do wash it, make sure to let it dry completely before replacing it in the vacuum cleaner and using it. The filter will hold up nicely after you wash it and your cleaner will run like it was brand new. Using it while still wet, will not give you the optimum performance. Your suction may be poor and you may suffer from an over-heated vacuum cleaner motor. This are not things you want. The filter feels like paper that would fall part when wet, it is so lightweight, but it is composed of durable earth-friendly products. This innovative construction means you can use the filter over and over, therefore, saving money. And boy, does the filter do the job of picking up dirt and debris off the floors in the home or business. The package contains a filter set, which is a filter and an accompanying cover. Use the two pieces together and watch how clean your floors will be. Order your Black & Decker Washable VF20 filter from ZVac today. The delivery will be speedy and the price will make you smile!

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