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Hoover HEPA Filters For Elite Rewind 59157055 UPC 608939746749 by ZVac


  • $ 1049

ZVac can fill any vacuum cleaner part or product order that you may have for your home, church, office, or car cleaning tools. We carry the tough and hardworking Hoover HEPA filters for the Elite Rewind system. Our low, low price is going to blow your wind. The HEPA certified filter fits Hoover Elite Rewind Upright Bagless U5507-900 and Hoover Elite Rewind Upright Bagless Deluxe U5509-900. You should change the Hoover HEPA filter at the least every six months to keep your Hoover Elite Rewind vacuum cleaner moving along carpets and upholstery smoothly and quickly. If you vacuum frequently, you may want to consider changing the filter, bags, and belt more often than usual. The cylinder pleated filter is made of fine ply-strong materials and encased in a plastic frame. grab the plastic bar across the top to gently slide the filter out for replacement. The replacement will fit in the slot and the whole process takes only about five minutes. A HEPA rating is a specialize industry designation for filters that manage to grab and catch 99.797 % or more of dangerous and irritating air pollutants such as pet hair their, germs, pollen, and dust mites. The filter for the Hoover Elite Rewind update will make sure that the pets and the people in the home who have allergies are protected against dirty air that may stir up before, while, and after one is vacuuming. ZVac can offer the Hoover HEPA filter for the Elite Rewind at a low, low price. And if you have any other vacuum cleaner needs visit the ZVac site. We can answer questions, have a sure friendly and easy to navigate web page, offer a great selection of stock, and provide speedy product delivery. Once a ZVac customer, always a ZVac customer.

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