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Eureka HF-8 Mighty Mite HEPA Filter 60666 by ZVac


  • $ 1249

You know that if a product is called a Mighty Mite it is good. The Mighty Mite vacuum cleaner is a bright yellow canister powerhouse that will clean your floors, upholstery, and floor coverings like a pro! The saucer shaped filters are strong, hardworking, and HEPA certified. ZVac always carries these Mighty Mite consumer favorites. The foam filters fit all Eureka Mighty Mite I, II, and 3600 series. Other Eureka and Sanitaire models it is compatible with are 3602A, 3612A, 3624A, 360A, 3631A, 362A, 3640A, 3641A, 365A, 3651A, 3651AM, 361B, 3670A, 3670B, 3670D, 3670E, 3670F-1, 3680B, 3680B-1, 3682A, 3682B, 368D, 3684A, 3684B-1, 3684-D-2, 3684D-1, S3686D-2, and many others. This filter can be found located behind the actual Eureka HF-8 Mighty Mite HEPA bag. With a HEPA certified and designated filter, 99.97% of the air particles and pollution will be snagged and held by the Eureka HF-8 Mighty Mite HEPA filter. For your Mighty Mite needs as well as any other vacuum product needs or products, go to ZVac and shop! It is recommended that you always change your filter for the Eureka Mighty Mite every three to six months for optimum performance. If you use a filter that is clogged and consequently weakened the suction will perform at less than 100%. You also run the risk of overheating your Mighty Mite if you use a clogged, aged, or compromised filter. Shop for your Eureka HF-8 Mighty Mite HEPA filter replacements at ZVac. Removing the old filter and inserting the new Eureka HF-8 Mighty Mite filter will take less than a minute. It is a snap! You are going to love our vacuum cleaner products, our quality and care, our customer service, our affordable prices, and our speedy order fulfillment. Go shopping today at ZVac for your Mighty Mite HF-8 filter and for complete satisfaction.

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