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Eureka DCF3 Washable HEPA Filter 62136 UPC 608939747128 by ZVac


  • $ 1149

All of vacuum cleaner supplies and parts you might need like belts, kits, filter, or bags can be found at ZVac. And all of these products are made in the USA with USA standards! We want happy customers! A washable HEPA filter performs two functions. It keeps the air particle pollution pickup to a minimum for 99.7% pick up and it allows the consumer to save money by washing instead of replacing the Eureka DCF3 Washable HEPA filter. ZVac carries these popular vacuum bags all the time. In fact, ZVac has an extensive inventory carrying most vacuum brands accessories and products. The Eureka DCF3 Washable HEPA dust cup filters are created to fit Eureka Lite Speed Bagless Upright vacuum models 5700, 5860, and 5840. The appropriate part number is 61825 and 62136. The DCF 3 replaces part # 61825, 62136, and 62136A. The circular accordion style filters re easy to pull out with the sturdy plastic handle. Once out, you can rinse it off without compromising the strong filter material or you can replace it. Replacing I takes one second and one snap! Look to ZVac for your Eureka DCF3 Washable HEPA filter as well as any other vacuum product or accessories you might need. You will love the ZVac selection, the warm and friendly customer support, and you will love the affordable prices.

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