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Eureka DCF10 / DCF14 HEPA Filter 62396 by ZVac


  • $ 1149

ZVac has your Eureka DCF10 and DCF14 HEPA Filter needs. The Eureka DCF10 and DCF14 HEPA filter will fit the Eureka Lightweight, Optima, and Pet Lover Upright vacuum cleaners. It fits original manufacture parts # 62396, ^2396-1, 62396-12, 73734-2, 73734, 2316911737, 023169117372, 73824, 62731, 62731A, 62731B, DCF-10, DCF-14, 62731-1, 62731-12, 470953, 62731A-2, 62417, and 62731B-Z. the certified HEPA filtration system will trap and seal in all 100% of dust, hair, dust mites, pollens, mold spurs, ragweed, bacteria, dust mites, microscopic particles, and germs that are as tiny as 0.1 micron. ZVac takes great pride in offerings that meet and exceed the HEPA standards. The circular pleated Eureka DCF10 and Eureka DCF14 HEPA filter is embedded in a strong molded plastic casing. The recommended time for this replacement filter is three to six months. Once the filter is too clogged with debris, the vacuum cleaner will no longer have maximum suction capabilities. The vacuum cleaner will not gather all of the floor or air dust. Keeping a filter in a vacuum cleaner too long may also cause the vacuum cleaner motor to overheat. This overheating could permanently harm the cleaner. Taking out the old Eureka DF10 and Eureka DCF14 HEPA filter will simply take seconds and putting the new filter in is so easy a child could do it! ZVac carries the Eureka DCF10 and DCF14 filter among many other vacuum products and accessories. Check out the site today. You will love either product options, the prices, the extreme customer care, and the speedy deliver roof your odor product. What are you waiting for? Order today!

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