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Eureka DCF21 Washable Filter 68931 UPC 608939747159 by ZVac


  • $ 1249

ZVac is honored to carry a full line of Eureka style products. The Eureka DCF21 Washable filter is a popular product. Any time that a product can be washed and reused , the product will become popular. The washing allows for savings due to less replacement. The Eureka DCF21 is comparable to parts 67821, 68931, 68931A, EF91, EF-91, and EF91B. These circular strong ply accordion filters will accommodate all Eureka and Sanitaire Air Speed Bagless Upright vacuum cleaners such as models 4235AZ, 4236AZ, 460AZ, SA3276AZ, UK4236AZ, UK4237AZ, 3276AZ, 32777AVZ, 327AVZ, 3279AZ, and Airspeed AS1000A. This filter is great for those with allergies because the washing off of the filter can remove those annoying particles. ZVac Eureka DCF21 Washable filters have a hand black plastic handle you can use when washing or actually replacing. Simply pull on the hand to remove the filter. Then when you are ready to replace the washed or the new filter, simply slide it into the receptacle and snap, the seal is tight and you can begin to vacuum your rugs, floor coverings, wood surfaces, tiles, upholstery, and car mats! How often you wash or end up replacing the Eureka DCF21 Washable filter will depend on how often you use it. keep in mind that if you vacuum with a clogged or warn out filter, it will reduce the effectiveness of your vacuum cleaner and potentially hurt the vacuum cleaner. Contact ZVac today for your filter and vacuum needs. Our prices, customer care, and quick delivery will put a smile on your face.

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