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Bosch Style G Vacuum Bags (15 pack) by ZVac - ZVac

Bosch Style G Vacuum Bags (15 pack) by ZVac


  • $ 1647

This great 15 pack Bosch style deal will keep you supplied with vacuum cleaner bags for a long, long time. Look to ZVac when purchasing your Bosch Style G vacuum bags. We also carry a large variety of other vacuum cleaner brands. Our inventory is massive. Our prices, customer care, speed of delivery, and extreme affordability will please you. Bosch Style G vacuum cleaner bags will make sure to safely and strongly hold the all the dirt collected while vacuuming and it lasts a long while. The bags fit models BBZ51AFG2 and, BBZ51AFG1U. The G vacuum bags are constructed of three different layers for the best dust protection around. Most vacuum bags only have one ply construction. No more worries about dust clouds and sneezing when vacuuming the house or business. The replacement process of the Bosch Style G vacuum cleaner bag is quick, clean, and easy. And when removing the bag, it will automatically close tight with a seal to keep the dirt inside as the bag is removed. You do not need to worry about the dust escaping on to the just cleaned floor during the bag exchange. This economy package of fifteen vacuum bags ensures you will have bags for a long time. It is recommended that for optimum vacuum cleaner performance that you change out your bags every three to six months. The price and product are just right and can not be beat. All our ZVac products are made in the United States and use green products. So while you are vacuuming with your Bosch Style G vacuum bags, you are also saving lots of money and helping protect our Earth. Order with ZVac today! You will become a satisfied and lifelong customer.

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