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Bosch Style P Cloth HEPA Vacuum Bags (15 pack) by ZVac - ZVac

Bosch Style P Cloth HEPA Vacuum Bags (15 pack) by ZVac


  • $ 1647

Offered by ZVac, the Bosch Type P Cloth HEPA vacuum cleaner bag is constructed with three layers for better dust retention. This premium cloth HEPA vacuum cleaner bag also has an innovative micro-filtration technology. Part BBZ52AFP2U is designed to fit the full size Premium and Ergomaxx series. It is suitable for the Compact and Formula canister vacuum models. A HEPA vacuum bag is guaranteed and certified to hold without leakage 99.97% of ground dirt and air dust. This filer is perfect for those in the home or building who have allergies. And a cloth bag is sturdy, flexible, and sustainable. HEPA products are used in hospitals, schools, and day care because of their high-efficiency results in capturing dangerous dirt and dust that can be life threatening. Bosch Style P cloth vacuum bags are amazing. They will go, and go, and go while you clean your house or business floors. This series of vacuum bags offered by ZVac fits BSG Premium and Ergomaxx Bosch canisters. The bag is constructed with earth friendly cloth layers and it will automatically fold in and seal off when you are replacing the bag. No need to worry about messy bag spills or wearing a dirt mask when the bag exhaled and spilled on your face. The cloth allows for more load to be held for a longer time period. So the bag lasts longer, saving you money. Using these bags is a no brain decision. The Bosch Style Cloth HEPA vacuum bags are rated HEPA , made of sturdy and earth friendly cloth, are affordable, come in a great fifteen pack, and are easy to replace. The bags meet and exceed the OEM specifications for installation. Visit the ZVac site to order your Bosch Style P Cloth HEPA Vacuum Bags in the economical 15 pack quantity today.

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