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Dirt Devil F29 Vision Sensor HEPA Filter by ZVac - ZVac

Dirt Devil F29 Vision Sensor HEPA Filter by ZVac


  • $ 2349

ZVac is the one-stop shopping place for all of your vacuum cleaner parts, belts, filters, and bags. We want to help you! ZVac carries hundreds of vacuum cleaner products and accessories. You name it and we have it! They carry the premium and efficient Dirt Devil F29 Vision Sensor HEPA filter which is the Cadillac of filters. It will fit the Vision series(Vision + Vision with Sensor, and Vision Wideglide Upright cleaners).The Dirt Devil F9 Vision Sensor HEPA filter fits models 086900, 086900, 086925, 089900, 086930, 086935, and 089890. Take the hard work and sweat out of vacuuming. This sturdy long paneled Dirt Devil f29 Vision Sensor HEPA filter that is wrapped in a heavy plastic frame, will catch all those annoying dust bunnies, crumbs, and pet debris. ZVac can ship this filter to you in no time ,and the cost is quite desirable. Putting the replacement into the Dirt Devil is so easy a child could do it. Pull out the old filter and snap in the new long beauty. The panels are multiple ply as to hold in the dirt. A durable black plastic frame encases the multi--ply Dirt Devil F9 Vision HEPA filter. Once you put in the new filter, the vacuum cleaner will practically move itself across your carpets, tiles, woods, and floor coverings. . What used to take hours will be accomplished in minutes. Your floor coverings will look brand new. And there will be no annoying dust settling on the furniture and floors after vacuum. The tight seal will keep leakage to a zero Since the filter is HEPA certified to industry standards. Contact ZVac today, to order your affordable Dirt Devil F29 Vision Sensor HEPA filter replacements. The ZVac delivery will be speedy and the price will be just right for your pocketbook. What are you waiting for? Order now.

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