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Hoover Type Y Cloth HEPA Vacuum Bags by ZVac


  • $ 1847

You will love the ZVac vacuum cleaner selection. Whatever you need, we have for you at low prices! We carry the Hoover Type Y HEPA vacuum bag sin the handy fifteen & eighteen pack quantity. ZVac Brand Cloth Allergen Filtration Vacuum Bags Fit ALL Hoover Vacuum Cleaners that take Style Y Bags. These sturdy and hard working cloth bags trap more of the dust in the vacuum bag, so that the air you an your pets breathe is cleaner! these HEPA rated bags fits Hoover WindTunnel and Tempo Uprights Type Y; Replaces Hoover Part # 4010100Y, 4010801Y and 43655082. If you have allergies or upper chest illness, these bags are absolutely essential for Allergy Sufferers! The Hoover Type Y HEPA vacuum bags in the economy 15 pack size, have a 99.97% Allergen Filtration that is designed and developed in the USA by ZVac! We are proud and honored to offer our very own brand, the ZVac brand, of superior vacuum bags. Most Vacuum bags are standard 1 ply bags which provide satisfactory performance in filtering particles such as pollen or dust mites. The ZVac Brand vacuum bags feature a 2 ply design in addition to providing micro-filtration technology capturing an amazing 99.97% of lung damaging airborne particles and debris. This measures to filtering about 3 times better than the standard one ply vacuum bag. We have also designed and manufactured the ZVac bags to meet the exact OEM specifications for installation, while exceeding quality, and to be produced with earth friendly materials in order to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Shop with ZVac for friendly service, green products, low prices, extensive inventory, and great customer care. Shop today at ZVac for the premium vacuum cleaner experience.

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