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Oreck ZVac Buster B Canister Vacuum Bags (15 pack)

Oreck Buster B Canister Vacuum Bags (15 pack) by ZVac


  • $ 1647

ZVac has all your vacuum cleaner needs at its United States based company. If you are searching for the hard to find Oreck Buster B Canister vacuum bags, we have them. We carry the bags in the economical and money saving fifteen size package. You will get 15 Hypo-Allergenic, triple ply vacuum bags. The triple ply bag concept is cutting edge. ZVac knows that the bags for the Oreck Buster B Canister will pick up a lot of dirt and need to be very strong. Most bags are simply single ply and therefore are inferior to the triple ply Oreck Buster B Canister vacuum bags. Also a double-bag keep impurities out of your air so that you, the family, and the pets are not bothered by air pollutants. These are for use with Oreck Commercial BB180, BB280, BB850, BB870, BB900, BB1000, and MV160 canister vacuum cleaners (sold separately). Because ZVac offers these in the economical fifteen bag size package, you will always have some on hand for your vacuuming duties at the home or office. Did you know that ZVac is located in the United States of America, and that ZVac carries all natural and green vacuum products. So while you vacuum with your Oreck Buster B Canister, you are actually helping save the Earth. To take advantage of the savings offered, the speedy delivery, the green products, the affordable prices, and the lovely customer care, order your Oreck B Canister vacuum bags in fifteen size quantity today! You will lbe happy with ZVac and our extensive eline of vacuum products and inventory!

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