SEBO 6179ER Turbo Hand Brush

SEBO 6179ER Turbo Hand Brush

SEBO 6179ER Turbo Hand Brush

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This air driven rotating brush is a handheld brush, perfect for cleaning stairs and upholstery. Great for picking up stubborn pet hair.
The 6179ER fits the following SEBO models:

Automatic X1 Upright
Automatic X4 Upright
Automatic X4 Pet Upright
Automatic X5 Upright
Essential G1 Upright
Essential G2 Upright
370 Comfort Upright
Felix 1 Upright
Felix 2 Premium Upright
Felix 4 Kombi Upright
Airbelt D1 Canister
Airbelt D4 Canister
Airbelt D4 Premium Canister
Airbelt K3 Canister
Airbelt K3 Pet Canister
Airbelt K3 Turbo Canister
Airbelt K2 Turbo Canister
Airbelt K2 Kombi Canister

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