ZVac Canister Vacuum Cleaner Prima - HEPA Filtration 2 L Tank - 1200 W Motor - Compact Lightweight with 6 FT Hose & Telescopic Wand - Bagged

ZVac Canister Vacuum Cleaner Prima - HEPA Filtration 2 L Tank Capacity - 1200 W Powerful Motor - Compact Lightweight with 6 FT Hose & Telescopic Wand - Carpet & Floor Brushes - Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

ZVac Canister Vacuum Cleaner Prima - HEPA Filtration 2 L Tank - 1200 W Motor - Compact Lightweight with 6 FT Hose & Telescopic Wand - Bagged

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The ZVac Prima Canister Vacuum cleaner is a powerful yet compact and lightweight equipment that will make cleaning a breeze for your home or business. It is intelligently designed to fit any number of cleaning situations making it the perfect cleaning companion. Its industrial-grade polyurethane construction assures strength and durability. It is built to last the daily use and abuse that it might be exposed to.



The ZVac PrimaCanister Vacuum cleaner has more than sufficient power with its awesome 1200W motor. It is capable of dislodging hard to remove dirt and grime and even heavy debris. This makes the task easier and a lot faster. Its power also allows it to easily dislodge debris that may be stuck within the carpet fibers ensuring a cleaner job. This vacuum cleaner measured at a whopping 80 water suction power!

Safety Features

The ZVac Prima Canister Vacuum cleaner has built-in features to ensure safety and ease of use. It has an onboard cord reel feature so that you only let loose the right length of electrical cord reducing the risk of tripping hazards. This will help you effectively manage the 19-foot cord. The bag has an external visual indicator that lets you know when it is full. This helps prevent further use when the bag is full which might cause damage to the system. The heavy-duty casters help you move around the vacuum cleaner smoothly and efficiently even on a full load. Lastly, it has an overheating failsafe mechanism that prevents engine damage through overheating. The switch automatically activates as soon as the heat threshold is reached consequently turning off the motor to cool it down. 


The Prima Vacuum Cleaner is lightweight and handy. Perfect for moving around and storage when not in use. It is also easily rolled into tight squeezes inside your home or office. The 2-liter bag is the perfect balance of capacity and portability. More than big enough to contain dust and debris without having to unload frequently, yet still small enough to carry anywhere. On top of these, the Prima Canister Vacuum Cleaner measures at a quiet 79 dB. This makes sure the cleaning will not get in the way of work and the activities of your family members. 

The ZVac Advantage

We have over 30 years of hands-on experience in the industry making us among the best vacuum cleaning professionals in the field. Being able to last this long in the business is a testament to the quality of our work. This also means that every product is packed with features and functions that carry our 30-year legacy. They are intelligently designed to make cleaning easy, fast, and effective. Every ZVac Prima Canister Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect cleaning companion for both the home and the office. 

Package Includes

1) ZVac Powerful Compact Lightweight Canister Vacuum Cleaner, 1) 6 ft Crushproof Vacuum Hose, 12" Floor Brush, 1) 10" Combined Brush Carpet & Floor, 1) 2-in-1 Tool, 1) Telescopic Wand, 1) HEPA Cloth Bag, 1) Motor Filter, 1) Outlet Filter, 1) On-Board Hose and Tools Hanger.

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