ZVac Central Vacuum System with 700 Air watts 26.5 L Tank - 2-Fan Motor for 10,000 Sq. Ft Homes Model ZCVS-1 Bagged/Bagless Vac Cleaner - White

ZVac Central Vacuum System with 700 Air watts 26.5 L Tank Capacity Power Unit Vac - Powerful Quiet 2-Fan Motor for 10,000 Sq. Foot Homes Model ZCVS-1 Central Vac Bagged/Bagless Cleaner - White

ZVac Central Vacuum System with 700 Air watts 26.5 L Tank - 2-Fan Motor for 10,000 Sq. Ft Homes Model ZCVS-1 Bagged/Bagless Vac Cleaner - White

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  • INCLUDED - 1) ZVac central vacuum cleaning system model ZCVS-1 white, 1) Central vacuum muffler, 1) Central vacuum filter, 1) Central vac HEPA bag, 1) Mounting bracket, 1) Elbow, 1) Flexible installation hose, 2) Central vacuum pipe coupling.
  • DESIGN - This central vacuum unit is designed for homes up to 10,000 sq. feet. central vacuum exhaust muffler ensures quiet noise level operation up to 62 db. Recommended to add up to 8 central vac inlets and 1 vac-pan to ensure optimal power. The metal tank capacity can hold up to 26.5 l of dust, debris, hairs, and more. Body is made of heavy duty metal to ensure high durability.
  • POWER - The ZCVS-1 ZVac central vac system features a powerful Ametek 040096 2-fan motor with 700 air watts. The cyclonic by pass motor design will keep not only suction power flow for a long time but will also maximize your central vacuum motor life for years of cleaning. Provides 140" water lift suction power with the 120 v true-flow technology motor.
  • FILTRATION- Includes a HEPA grade micro-filtration central vacuum bag and fabric central vacuum filter to ensure proper filtration from dust, mold, pet hair, allergen & other debris. Large central vacuum tank allows for easy bag removal and reverse suction allows debris to be compacted in metal tank. Hybrid filtration technology allows the system to be used bagged or bagged-less without reducing filtration efficiency.
  • WARRANTY & BRAND - ZVac has over 30 years of experience and business. We are dedicated vacuum cleaner professionals that have been in the vacuum industry for many years both online and retail. We understand the needs of many professional maids, cleaning companies, and home owners. we carry nothing but the best. Please sign your machines to our 1 year manufacturing warranty. Please contact us for more details.

Built and designed in Canada, the ZVac ZCVS-1 central vacuum unit is perfect for houses up to 10,000 square feets. A fabric filter and HEPA bag are provided with this machine. Soundproofing provides a quiet operation, the noise level is only 62 dB. You can add up to 8 inlets and a vacpan to this device without loosing power. The reversed tank ensures that the bag replacement is easy. Also with reversed suction the dust is better compacted inside the bag.


  • 700 Air Watts
  • For Surface Up To 10,000 Square Feet
  • Noise Level 62 dB
  • 2-Fan True-Flow Motor
  • Metal Tank


  • 1) Powerful Central Vacuum Unit
  • 1) Central Vacuum Muffler
  • 1) Central Vacuum Filter
  • 1) Central Vac Hepa Bag
  • 1) Mounting Bracket
  • 1) Flexible Installation Hose
  • 2) Central Vacuum Pipe Coupling
  • 1) Elbow

Technical Features:

  • Airwatts: 700
  • Amperage: 14 A
  • Tank Capacity: 26.5 L
  • CFM: 137
  • Sealed Suction (Water Lift): 140"
  • Motor: Thru-Flow 2 Fans
  • Noise Level: 62 dB
  • Voltage: 120 V

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