ZVac Miele Type FJM Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Bags

ZVac FJM Miele Replacement Vacuum Bags - 10-Piece Micro-Filtration, Multi-Ply Type Bag Set - 4 HEPA-Style Media Filters - Air-Cleaning Efficiency, Snug Fit, Stay Sealed - Quick and Easy Connection

ZVac Miele Type FJM Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Bags

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Restores Part#:

Miele FJM Bags 07291640, 41996502D, 05588920, F/J/M Bags, 7291640

Suitable Models:

Miele S200 Series  Miele S300 Series Miele S500 Series Miele S4000 Series Miele S6000 Series Miele Compact C1/C2 Series
S256 Blk Diamond S334 Ambiente S548 Aluminum Antares S6290 HomeCare Onyx
S270 Caribic S318 Bahama Blue S544 Artico Capella S6290 Jasper Quartz
S248 Flamenco S336 Blue Magic S524 Crystal Carina S6270 Onyx Topaz
S247 Ivory Jewel S316 Cat & Dog S518 Medivac Eclipse S6270 Quartz Homecare
S246 Naturell S318 Medivac S524 Mercury Healthy Clean S6270 Quartz Pure Suction
S251 Plus S344 Platinum S538 Mnt Verde S4212 Neptune S6270 Topaz Turbo Team
S278 Silver Star S314 Red Star S558 Red Velvet Orion Turbo Team
S314 White Star S558 Slv. Moon

Additional Suitable Models: 

S4210 Carina, S4210 Capella, S4210 Antares, S4210 Sirius, S4212 Neptune, S4282 Healthy Clean, S4580 Luna, S4780 Orion, S301 Midsize Canister, S312 Midsize Canister, S314 Midsize Canister Red Star, White Star, S316 Cat & Dog, S318 Medivac, S318 Bahama Blue, S324, S326, S334 Ambiente, S336 Blue Magic, S344 Platinum, S514 Solaris/Parkett & Co, S516 Cat & Dog, S518 Medivac, S524 Deluxe Midsize, S524 Mercury, Crystal, S528 Filtration Guard, S538 Monte Verde, S544 Artico, 548 Aluminium, Champagne & Exclusive, S558 Silver Moon, S558 Red Velvet

Miele S200 Compact Canisters: Flamenco II S251, Flamenco S248i, Ivory Jewel S247i, Miele Plus S241 thru S256i, Miele Plus S251, S246i-256i Series, S290 - S291 Series, Mercury S524i, S246i Naturell , S247i Ivory Jewel , S248i Flamenco , S251i , S256i Black Diamond

Miele S300 Midsize Canisters: Medivac S318, Red Star S314, Royal Blue S314, White Star S314, Bahama Blue S318i, Ambiente S334i, Blue Magic S336i, Platinum S344i, S301i, S312i , S314i Red Star & White Star, S316i Cat & Dog , S318i Medivac & Bahama Blue, S324i, S326i, S334i Ambiente , S336i Blue Magic, S344i Platinum, S300i thru S399

Miele S500 Series Midsize Canisters: S500 - S578 Series , Aluminium S548, Artico S544, Cat & Dog S516, Champagne S548i, Crystal S524i, Deluxe S524, S548i, S524i, Monte Verde S538, Red Velvet S558, Silver Moon S558, Solaris S514, Solaris Turbo Plus S514, Solaris Electro Plus S514, Deluxe S524, Exclusive S548i, Monte Verde S538, Red Velvet S558, Silver Moon S558, Solaris S514, Solaris Turbo Plus S514, Solaris Electro Plus S514, S514i Solaris & Parkett Co, S516i Cat & Dog , S518i Medivac , S524i Mercury & Crystal, S528i Filtration Guard, S538i Monte Verde, S544i Artico, S548i Aluminum Champagne & Exclusive, S558i Silver Moon & Red Velvet, Direct Connect Mango Red
Zephyr, Cat & Dog and Polaris Cat & Dog S516

S700-S758 Series

S4000-S4999 (Galaxy Series): Capella S4210, Carina S4210, Eclipse S4582, Luna S4580, Orion S4780, S4210 Carina , S4212 Polaris, S4212 Neptune, S4210 Antares , S4210 Capella, S4582 Eclipse , S4210 Sirius , S4580 Luna , S4780 Orion, Europa



Tired of running to the OEM store for a set of vacuum cleaner bags and filters?

Regularly emptying and changing your vacuum bag ensures that your vacuum cleaner works to its full potential. A clean vacuum bag speeds up the time it takes for you to vacuum your home - allowing you to spend more time relaxing and less time cleaning.

Unfortunately, purchasing original replacement vacuum bags every now and then can cost you a lot of time and money. Don’t you wish you could get top quality vacuum bags for your Miele vacuum cleaner at a more reasonable price?

Keep your Miele vacuum cleaner efficient with Zvac's FJM Replacement Vacuum Bags.

These multi-layered vacuum bags offer a seamless fit, ensuring that dust and dirt do not leak out or spill while you are cleaning your home. Its hypoallergenic material makes it an excellent replacement vacuum bag for people who have respiratory issues.

Each bags are fitted with HEPA-style media that blocks out very small dust, pollen, mold spores, and airborne microorganisms.

To ensure that they meet the quality standards of original Miele FJM vacuum bags, these replacement bags undergo numerous rounds of testing. For best vacuum cleaning results, replace the filters within 30 days, especially if you use the cleaner 7 to 8 times per month.

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