ZVac Eureka Style MM Mighty Mite & Sanitaire Allergen Vacuum Cleaner Bags Eureka Part # 60297A , 60295, 60296, 60297, 60295B.

15 Eureka Style MM Micro-lined Mighty Mite & Sanitaire Allergen Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Bags; Similar to Eureka Part

ZVac Eureka Style MM Mighty Mite & Sanitaire Allergen Vacuum Cleaner Bags Eureka Part # 60297A , 60295, 60296, 60297, 60295B.

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Restores Part#:

 Eureka 60297A , 60295, 60296, 60297, 60295B

Suitable Models:


 Eureka Sanitaire
3670A SC3683
3670G S3681B-1
3671 S3681
3672 S3689
3672B SC3683A

Additional Suitable Models:

Sanitaire Models 3.67E+02, 3620A, 3621A, 3624A, 3630A
3631A, 3632A, 3640A, 3641A, 3641B
3650A, 3651A, 3651AM, 3651B, 3670A
3670B, 3670D, 3670E, 3670F-1, 3670G-1
3670G-2, 3670G-3, 3670G-4, 3671A-1, 3672A
3672A-1, 3672B, 3672B-1, 3673A, 3673B
3674A, 3675A, 3676A, 3676B, 3679A
3679B, 3680A, 3680A-1, 3680B, 3680B-1
3682A, 3682B, 3682D, 3684A, 3684B
3684D, 3684D-1, 3684D-2, 3684D-3, 3684F
3684F-1, 3685A, 3685B, 3686A, S3681A
S3681A-1, S3681B, S3681B-1, S3681B-2, S3681D
S3681D-1, S3681D-2, S3686A, S3686B, S3686D
S3686D-1, S3686D-2, S3686E, S3686E-1, S3686E-2
SC3683A, SC3683A-1, SC3683A-2, SC3684A


Tired of wasting expensive OEM vacuum bags? When you have big dogs at home, you can expect to clean up huge chunks of waste every so often. Even before your vacuum bag is full, you have to dispose of it immediately to prevent the odor from lingering in your home. You know how expensive OEM bags can be, and you feel you’re no longer being practical by throwing them out too often. But universal bags are too long, so they’re out of the question. Is there another option?

ZVac’s Eureka MM Bags are the cost-effective alternative to pricey original vacuum bags! With a strong cardboard, our generic replacement bags tightly hold in place. The multi-layer filtration captures a wide range of dirt and dust including bacteria, spores and pollen. Each bag has a premium rubber gasket that securely traps waste, particles and microorganisms, and prevents these from escaping during disposal.


Our Eureka MM bags fit the following models: 3684D, 3684F-1, 3631A, 3650A, 3672A-1, 3674A, S3681D-1, S3686D-1, 3679B, 3682A, 3670B, 3670G-2, S3681A-1, 3620A, SC3683A, 3684D-1, 3685A, 3632A, 3651A, 3672B, 3675A, S3681D-2. They also fit these models: 3684D-2, 3685B, 3640A, 3651AM, 3672B-1, 3676A, S3686A, S3686E, 3680A-1, 3682D, 3670E, 3670G-4, S3681B-1, 3624A, SC3684A, 3651B, 3673A, 3676B, S3686B, S3686E-1, 3680B, 3684A. 

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