ZVac Windsor Vacuum Bags Fits Kenmore 50015 & Fits All Windsor Sensor Bags & Sensor S12 Models

ZVac Replacement Windsor Vacuum Bags Compatible with Kenmore 50015 and Fits All Windsor Sensor Bags and Sensor S12 Models-15 Pack in Bag

ZVac Windsor Vacuum Bags Fits Kenmore 50015 & Fits All Windsor Sensor Bags & Sensor S12 Models

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Suitable Models:















Additional Suitable Models:

Windsor sensor SR12, SR 12, SR-12, SR15, SR 15, SR-15, SR16, SR 16, SR-16, SR17, SR 17, SR-17, SR18, SR 18, SR-18, Sensor XP12, * Versamatic Plus VSP14, VSP 14, VSP-14, VSP18, VSP 18, VSP-18 * Sebo automatic X1, X4, X5, XP2, XP-2, XP 2, BS 36, BS36, BS-36, 370 electronic, Professional G1, G 1, G-1 * Sebo Canister model C2,C3, K2, K3


To keep your Windsor vacuum cleaner running at peak performance, you need the right vacuum bags inside. This doesn't mean that you need to pay full price for brand name sweeper bags. It simply means that you need to choose the generic sweeper bags that are made with high filtration rates and strength in mind.

Unlike most generic sweeper bags, ZVac Windsor Sensor vacuum bags are crafted out of a material that is similar to cloth. This allows the replacement bags to filter out up to 99 percent of all fine particulates in a home or business, something that paper sweeper bags simply cannot do. Our generic Windsor Sensor vacuum bags are made to be as eco-friendly as possible and are biodegradable.

This offer gives you a total of 15 ZVac Windsor Sensor vacuum bags for much less than the cost of OEM vacuum bags for Windsor and vacuum cleaner models. You can quickly and easily install these generic sweeper bags in any model that uses Windsor Sensor bags. Among the compatible styles are:

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