ZVac Central Vacuum Pipe & Inlet Installation Kit with 100 Feet of Pipes & Wi...

ZVac Central Vacuum Pipe & Inlet Installation Kit with 100 Feet of Pipes & Wi...
ZVac Central Vacuum Pipe & Inlet Installation Kit with 100 Feet of Pipes & Wi...
ZVac Central Vacuum Pipe & Inlet Installation Kit with 100 Feet of Pipes & Wi...
ZVac Central Vacuum Pipe & Inlet Installation Kit with 100 Feet of Pipes & Wi...
ZVac Central Vacuum Pipe & Inlet Installation Kit with 100 Feet of Pipes & Wi...
ZVac Central Vacuum Pipe & Inlet Installation Kit with 100 Feet of Pipes & Wi...
ZVac Central Vacuum Pipe & Inlet Installation Kit with 100 Feet of Pipes & Wi...

ZVac Central Vacuum Pipe & Inlet Installation Kit with 100 Feet of Pipes & Wi...

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ZVac Central Vacuum Pipe & Inlet Installation Kit with 100 Feet of Pipes & Wi...

Product Overview

The ultimate all in one central vacuum rough-in kit so
your home can have a central vac easily installed. If you're thinking about
installing a built-in central vacuum cleaning system, then look no further!
ZVac the makers of the best central vacuum cleaning systems on the market
today bring you the all in one ZVac central vacuum installation kit that works
with all new brands including: Aggresor, Air King, Airstream, AirVac, Allegro,
Astrovac, Beam, Broan, Cana-Vac, Centralux, Cirrus, Dirt Devil, DrainVac,
DuoVac, DustCare, Easy-Flo, Electrolux, Eureka, Frigidaire, Hayden, Honeywell,
Hoover, Husky, Imperium, MD, Nadair, NuTone, PowerStar, Pullman-Holt, Riccar,
Royal, Simplicity, Vacuflo, Vacumaid. This kit has 100 feet of pipe and is
enough for standard 4 central vac inlets. The Kit includes: (4) - Standard
Inlet Faceplate(4) - Inlet Mounting Bracket(4) - Short 90 Elbow(12) - Sweep 90
Elbow(8) - 45 Degree Elbow(3) - Sweep T(12) - Stop Coupler(100) - Feet of
Vacuum Pipe and Wire(100) - Feet of Vacuum Wire This all in one central vacuum
kit is enough to cover up to 2100 sqft of a home (actual coverage size will
vary depending upon home layout and locations of central vacuum inlets). This
rough in kit by ZVac does not require oversize shipping rates as most others
do! You can always buy more inlets and fittings if needed. This ZVac install
kit uses standard central vacuum piping, fittings and inlets that are to ASTM
F2158 standard NOTE: Never use schedule 40 pipe for installing a central
vacuum system! INSTALLING A CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEM Step 1: Plan Layout
Installation. Each inlet you intend will boost the cost of a system and
increase the probability of air leaks that reduce the suction of the system.
Plan carefully, with this in mind, so that you can keep the number of inlets
to a minimum. Step 2: Install Power Unit. Intend to place the power
unit/collection canister away from living areas in the basement, a utility
room, the garage, or a comparable location. Plan to place the unit on or near
an exterior wall so that it is easy to route the exhaust line outdoors.
Although some forms of central vacuum do not need to be exhausted outdoors, if
you exhaust it, you can minimize the dust produced by the device. Don't put
the device where temperatures, such as in a furnace room, small closet, or
attic, can get hot. For a long life and proper operation, the power unit needs
good ventilation. Step 3: Install Inlet Valves. On each floor, most houses
need one or two inlets, centrally placed, so that every corner of every room
is within the reach of the vacuum hose (typically about 30 feet). While inlets
are best situated along the base of interior walls, if they are positioned
away from foot traffic, they can be mounted on floors (all floor inlets should
have metal covers). Step 4: Run PVC Piping. Tubing can run under the floor in
a single-story house with a basement or crawl space and stub into walls for a
short distance or serve floor inlets directly (by far the easiest method when
retrofitting). If a house has restricted access under floors, such as a two-
story house, tubing must be redirected elsewhere. Typical solutions are
vertically running tubing through laundry chutes, behind shelves, exposed in
wardrobe corners, or boxed in at one of the corners of a room. Another common
alternative is horizontally running tubing in an attic and then lowering it
down through a wall or into a cabinet or closet. Short, straight, and direct
are the best runs. Read more WHY INSTALL A CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEM? Central
vacuums eliminate allergy symptoms and do an outstanding job of vacuuming, in
addition to being handy. Since the vacuum canister can be larger than a
traditional household vacuum, without re-circulating such allergens into
living spaces like a conventional, compact vacuum cleaner would, it can do a
more efficient job of gathering dust, pollen, dander, and other airborne
contaminants. While central vacuums are bigger and more efficient than
traditional vacuums, since the motor is remote, they are quieter. Efficient
Lightweight Cleaning Consider installing a built-in central vacuum system if
you want to be able to vacuum your house easily and quietly, without dragging
around a vacuum cleaner. You just hold a lightweight vacuum hose with a
central vacuum and a wand with a vacuum cleaner head. The central vac turns on
automatically when you plug the hose into a wall or floor inlet valve. No More
Vacuum Cleaner Loud Sound! Since the central vacuum motor normally hangs
outside the living room, without disrupting TV watching or phone calls, you
can vacuum quietly. In most situations, you only hear the "woosh" of air
hitting the head of the vacuum. A central vac helps minimize household noise
as a result. Cleaner Healthier Living Environment In addition, fine dust
particles, an issue with most compact vacuum cleaners, do not blow back into
living spaces. This is particularly important for individuals who are
susceptible to airborne dust. Minimized Maintenance & Value! A central vacuum
system will rarely become obstructed, particularly if the tubing has been
poorly mounted. One more plus: Usually, big canisters need to be drained just
two or three times a year. A central vacuum system increases the home's resale
value by nearly two thousand dollars or more, according to Home Building.com!
Efficient Lightweight Cleaning No More Vacuum Cleaner Loud Sound! Cleaner
Healthier Living Environment Minimized Maintenance & Longer Vacuum Life
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Turbo Powerhead Inlet Installation Kit Central Vac Condo Unit Central Vac Home


  • Includes - (4) - Standard Inlet Faceplate, (4) - Inlet Mounting Bracket, (4) - Short 90 Elbow, (12) - Sweep 90 Elbow, (8) - 45 Degree Elbow, (3) - Sweep T, (12) - Stop Coupler, (100) - Feet of Vacuum Pipe and Wire, (100) - Feet of Vacuum Wire
  • Fits All Brands And Makes And Models Using 2" OD Pipe (the Standard Since 1974 In The Usa). Works In New And Existing Home Construction And Fits As Compatible Replacement For Nutone, Beam, Eureka, Vacuflo, Vacumaid, Hp Vacuflo, Hayden, Broan, Electrolux, Honeywell, Canavac, Riccar, Simplicity, Imperium, Md, Zvac, Cyclovac & All Other Brands!
  • Installing A Central Vacuum System Is A Project Any Weekend Warrior Can Tackle. The Pre-packaged Standard White Inlet Kit With Pipe Includes Everything You Need To Install One Inlet. We Recommend One Inlet Per 700 Square Feet. Standard Inlets Are Wired With Low Voltage Wiring And Are To Be Used With Standard Hoses, Standard On/off Hoses, Or A Pigtail Electric Hose.
  • Top Quality Central Vacuum Accessories And Installation Parts Includes Pipe, Fittings & Central Vacuum Wall Plates - All Are Developed And Made In North America By The Zvac Central Vacuum Engineers Of Chantilly, Virginia In America!
  • This All In One Central Vacuum Kit Is Enough To Cover Up To 700 Sqft Of A Home (actual Coverage Size Will Vary Depending Upon Home Layout And Locations Of Central Vacuum Inlets). This Rough In Kit By Zvac Does Not Require Oversize Shipping Rates As Most Others Do! You Can Always Buy More Inlets And Fittings If Needed. This Zvac Install Kit Uses Standard Central Vacuum Piping, Fittings And Inlets That Are To Astm F2158 Standards.


  • Package Dimensions: 60.5 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 34.1 pounds
  • Batteries Required?: No

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